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About Us

Simply Sweet Patisserie is located in St Thomas, Barbados and is known for its superior taste and creative cake designs. When it comes to cakes, Dondra is an artist. She brings her clients favourite ideas to life in each of her cakes. Her designs always mirror the vision of each client and every new customer, is blown away by the great taste and stunning designs. 


Dondra Beckles 

Head baker and owner, Dondra Beckles, has always had a love for baking. She initially started by making coconut bread (sweet bread), a sweet Caribbean delicacy, and after receiving countless compliments she slowly expanded into cupcakes. She shared her cupcakes with colleagues and family all of whom were amazed at the taste and immaculate presentation. 


Her love for baking was further driven by the TV show ‘Cupcake Wars’. Dondra experimented with her cupcakes and as time went on she soon combined her recipes with intricate cake designs.


Initially, Dondra only saw her cupcakes as a hobby. That changed after she, along with a friend did a large order of cupcakes for an office function. This was Dondra’s first big order. In 2011, after she left her job in banking, Dondra decided to go into the cupcake business. She worked hard to build up a customer base and soon orders were piling in for birthdays, weddings and baby showers. Before she knew it Dondra was catering to all occasions and has made a name for herself when it comes to taste and creativity. To this date, she has participated in events such as, The World Kids Fair, The Barbados Manufacturers’ Exhibition (BMEX), Girlfriends Expo, and Animekon. 


  1. A 50% deposit is required on ALL orders to reserve the event date.

  2. Non-payment of deposits will result in orders being cancelled.

  3. Refunds on deposits are at the discretion of Simply Sweet Patisserie and will be determined based on the length of time the event date was reserved and whether the business was impacted as a result of orders that were turned down for the date reserved.

  4. Dates are transferable at the discretion of Simply Sweet Patisserie; and dependent on availability if a cancellation should arise. We will try to accommodate a new date as best we can.

  5. Once confirmed, one change to an order will be accepted accepted at no charge. Each change requested thereafter will incur a $10 charge. No changes will be accepted two (2) weeks prior to the date of the event. 

  6. It is recommended that tiered cakes be delivered in order to ensure that they are received as intended. A delivery charge will be added to all ordered for tiered cakes.

  7. Simply Sweet Patisserie will not be held liable for any damages to cakes which were not delivered by us.

  8. With the exception of weddings; final payment on ALL orders are due upon collection or delivery of the order.

  9. Final payments on wedding cakes are due one (1) month prior to the event date. 

  10. No refunds will be provided after the final payment is made.

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